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The CRIMEWATCH Network is an information sharing and intelligence gathering network for law enforcement that uses web, mobile and social technology to increase police/public partnerships on a local, state and national scale. Built on a Hierarchy that facilitates a national informational sharing platform and intelligence gathering network that breaks down traditional jurisdiction and geographic restrictions.


For qualified police agencies interested in joining the CRIMEWATCH Network the deployment includes:


  • The Crimewatch Virtual Newsroom for managing all public and press interactions
  • Intelligence driven crime mapping built to maximize public interactions
  • Integrated tools for managing effective reach, TIPS, and other intelligence
  • Social media integration and support with exclusive Controlsharetm technology
  • Sophisticated Geographic targeting tools for Warrant dissemination
  • Arrest Notifications
  • Access to the CRIMEWATCH Intelligence network that includes CRIMEWATCH US and CRIMEWATCH mobile


The CRIMEWATCH Network works and delivers results through a singular system that facilitates all of your public interactions in a digital environment. Collaborating between law enforcement agencies nationally to bring justice to the digital landscape and to combat those individual entities that look to abuse the freedom of the internet.




  • Arrests
  • Most Wanted
  • Incidents
  • Cases
  • News Updates
  • Tip Submission
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The CRIMEWATCH Mobile App opens communication channels between law enforcement agencies and the public they serve. Creating partnerships within the community based on the sharing of information. Users can view crimes, arrests, most wanted persons, incidents, and news from their local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Those same users can provide intelligence back to the agencies via anonymous tips. Together the police and the citizens can work as a team to make their neighborhoods safer and more enjoyable.

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Suspect in custody


Uniform Virtual Policing


For regions, counties or states that want to bring some consistency to their public interactions in a virtual environment, the CRIMEWATCH Network is a uniform solution. Regardless of the police department’s size or resources their services are equalized in the community. In the physical world, police respond as a unified front. With CRIMEWATCH this happens in the digital world too.



Enhanced Media Relations


The CRIMEWATCH Network’s Virtual Newsroom is a comprehensive platform that manages all interactions with the press and public. This single entry point facilitates sharing across multiple platforms and provides a consistent and convenient way for the press to gather local crime information directly from the police department without having to impede on police operations.



Managing Conversations


The CRIMEWATCH Network provides a voice that can be managed. Release information in a controlled format that can be prepared in a way that reduces inquiries from the press and the public. The posting on the CRIMEWATCH Network replaces that need to call, email or fax information to the press or the public.



Geographic Targeting


The CRIMEWATCH network has integrated tools that allow for geographic targeting of information. This can help investigators collect intelligence from anywhere in the world without having to enlist outside help. These tools combined with the Search Optimized Web platform help investigators do more with less.


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