CRIMEWATCH enhances the way police release information and the methods for which the press and public receive and share public safety news.

Operational Excellence
Enhanced Community Safety
Increased Transparency

CRIMEWATCH Mobile App Available

Download the CRIMEWATCH mobile application and stay up to date with crime in your area. The CRIMEWATCH app lets you browse nearby crime and anonymously submit tips to authorities.

Customers Talking About CRIMEWATCH

“As a law enforcement leader, CRIMEWATCH is a great innovation for public safety.”

Tom Gross, Executive Director, PA Chiefs of Police Association -

“Transparency is the foundation of trust, we share public safety information in a responsible, professional method with our community through CRIMEWATCH.”

Roland Camacho, Chief of Police, Chambersburg Police Department -

“CRIMEWATCH is one tool built for law enforcement that manages the media, public engagement and intelligence gathering.”

Gabe Olivera, Captain, Harrisburg Bureau of Police -


Police Departments using CRIMEWATCH

9 Million

People Visiting CRIMEWATCH Directly

Thousands of tips received;
hundreds of clearances made

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