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Delivering unprecedented Engagement with Your Community and Citizens



1. Command & Control

CRIMEWATCH provides a uniform structured web portal, which standardizes where the public access public safety information and submit information to law enforcement.  LE Users can efficiently distribute information to multiple touch points with a single entry.  The platform provides for real-time engagement with the public 24/7.

2. Dedicated Promotional Platform

CRIMEWATCH was specifically designed for Law Enforcement. Our platform enables users to deliver the same narrative across multiple touch points, to include Media Outlets and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) limiting / eliminating mis-information or “Fake news”.  YOU control the who, what, when and where and can rebroadcast information as often as you like.

3. Engagement Methodology

CRIMEWATCH is a proven technology with over 140 law enforcement agencies utilizing our platform. The PA Chiefs of Police Association endorses the use of our technology. The CRIMEWATCH platform is simple to use for both law enforcement and the public.

4. Data Handling & Protection

CRIMEWATCH enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the information you push out, so that CRIMEWATCH data is found at or near the top of online searches.  Data is encrypted to at the level utilized by our banking community and is PCI Compliant.  Our Control Share technology provides a “Chain of Custody” of the information you put out onto the Web so that it can easily be updated, edited or deleted across the web and social media even if it has been shared.

5. Operational Intelligence

CRIMEWATCH’s detailed analytics provides law enforcement with unique investigative information as part of it’s service with your agency.

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